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Felt DD10 Fat Bike Review

Recently one of our customers purchased a Felt DD10 for use in the winter and has carried it over to summer time riding. As with anything, it's nice to hear what a product is like out in the real world and how well it functions. The review below is a first hand account of how a fat bike performs in the summer, as well as the performance of the tires in both summer and winter conditions.

Overall I love this bike more each time I ride it. A bit harder climbing but generally can climb almost anything I can on my Anthem. What I do find is I can get off the trails into cut blocks, pipeline right of ways and just generally go where the quad riders rip the crap out of everything and I can still ride. The bike has completely opened up more places to ride. I’ve been out on the sandy areas where extended technical areas are all sand, very dry and very loose and now ride where before with a MTB I could not. I had 2.4 tubeless tires with low inflation and still could only ride in these areas when the sand was damp/wet. This includes fairly steep climbing and descending where before I could never ride up or down without dismounting the bike. I’m now trying to convince others up here to get onto the Fat bike program. Only issue I have found is the Fat bike’s overall width. The outside width of the bike (pedal to pedal) is wider than a standard MTB so I have to be a lot more careful on single track – especially when riding parallel to a significant off camber/cant side slope cut into the bank of a hill or between tree stumps where the pedal can strike the ground on the uphill side or a stump. 

A review on the tires - Schwalbe‘s Jumbo Jim. While I found the tires that came with the bike ok on snow and ice, in fact I could often out climb another rider with more aggressive tread pattern/4.8 inch tires, I found that they worked less well in dryer deep snow. They worked reasonably well when the snow was wet even if deep. They worked really well on wet ice if one pedaled with caution. Where these tires really excel, especially with their tread design and less aggressive lugs on the center section is on sand and in loose dirt. They are awesome! In sand the control is great. They are fantastic on very loose, deep and dry sand which we have everywhere around Whitecourt. I plan on getting out to an area 10 km away from my home called the “Sand Hills” to see how they work. The trails in that area are very over used by Quads and have lots of vertical features.


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